The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

M_O_BlackI’ve been looking forward to this book since I finished reading The Bone Season in, something like May/June last year and while the build up was slower in this one than TBS, TMO is definitely a brilliant book, definitely as good, if not better than TBS.

Paige’s character has grown so much over the course of two books and there are still five more to go. She has so much potential in her now it’s hard to see how Shannon can go wrong with her. She’s a flawed, human character that’s treated like¬†less than human by so many other characters. Warden is less flawed but still real (at least in my head). And their relationship continues to grow, if not a lot then at least in intensity.

And then there’s the secondary characters, Jaxon, Nick, The Rephs. Oh God, the Rephs. I really want to learn so much more about them, I hope Shannon goes into more detail about them in the next book or I just might scream.

Nick; well, Paige gets over her crush on him and thanks to Jaxon’s no-relationship rule, he and Zeke can never be (which annoys me so much, I am fully on this ship), but he helps Paige so, so much, it’s easy to see why she trusts him. I’d really hate it if Scion found out about him and killed him, but of course, he’s one of my favourite characters in the series so it’s almost bound to happen.

And as for Jax, well, let’s just say, I could see it coming but only because I accidently read the last line and knew he was up to something. But seriously, without spoiling anything, Jax is the slimiest character I’ve read in a while. Everything about him puts me on edge and I truly dislike him.

My Rating:

I would definitely recommend this book

I would definitely recommend this book

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