The Tinker’s War by Jamie Sedgwick

Tinkers war

I first read this (or half of it at least) last year after reading the first in the series, The Tinkerer’s Daughter. After all the action packed into the first book I found this one tiring to read and after a while forgot all about it. I picked it back up yesterday and quickly devoured it.

Ships were sank and there’s stuff that doesn’t make sense to me in it (the main character, Breeze being the main one, how do half humans exist? Genetics doesn’t work like that. But what do I know) and some things I wish I understood more about (The Tal’Mar, specifically) and after the slow start it began to look a lot like the first book, the same problems, the same characters (albeit older than they were) and what looked to be the same ending.

I was pleasantly surprised when that wasn’t the case. The little twist that happens before the finally was predictable although I’m not sure how it can happen quite that fast unless the answer is “Duh, Breeze is half Tal’Mar.” and the ending sets up the next book well, we know what Breeze is setting out to do, we know hoiw long it should take her, then the last line hits and BAM! Suddenly there’s a cliff hanger making you want the next book.

Having already bout the final book in the series, Blood And Steam I can honestly say I shall waste only the time it takes me to finish writing this post and then get a quick drink before I dive into it.

I'm glad I read this book

I’m glad I read this book

You can find Jamie Sedgwick on Blogspot here and on Goodreads here

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