What I’m up to (TV Blog post)

So, as I told you a few days ago, I’ve been ill, all I’ve been doing recently is trying to get better and just relaxing. I did start reading a book but I really couldn’t get into it so I’ve mostly just been watching anime.

At the moment I’m watching Hyouka again and I really love this anime. I’ve also watched a few episodes of Tokyo Ghoul on a friend’s recommendation and I’m sort of in to it but not really because it seems excessively gory but I do kinda wanna know what happens so I’ll probably watch the rest of it any way. A friend and I are also going to watch Agent Carter while we wait for the current season of Arrow to finish (we like to marathon episodes so waiting until the season’s done is in our best interests) We’re also waiting on The Flash to finish so we can check that out. And between all this I’m trying to find time to read. It kinda seems like my life is revolving around TV at the moment more than books.

I think most of the reason I’m more into TV right now is because I’ve been ill. When I’m ill I really don’t feel like imagining stuff, I prefer to just be one of the mindless masses.

Anyway, I’ll be off now to mindlessly devour more TV/anime.

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