Agent Carter and Tokyo Ghoul

So, my friend (Let’s call him S) and I watched another episode of Tokyo Ghoul today and he’s decided to drop it. Apparently it made him feel uneasy while watching it, which I totally understand, I don’t feel the best about it either but if not for the gore I think it would be good. I’ll keep watching it for now though with the hope that it gets less gory.

We also watched an episode of Agent Carter and it was so boring. There was a lot of banter, which is good but everything else was just.. bleh. S wants to carry on with it but he’s on his own for that one. I’ll take more recommendations for shows for us to watch though. It’s always fun checking out what other people like.

I finally seem to be getting over my cold which is a good thing too. Just a stuffy nose and a terribad cough to deal with. That means that I should get back into reading more over the weekend which means I should have another review up by Monday.

Hope you all look forward to it!

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