Fanfiction, Authors and anime

So, I was recently asked “If you like a fanfiction author would you read their original works?” My answer to this is “If I liked an author enough to read the fanfiction without cringing (which I rarely do) then sure, as long as the book is something I would read anyway.” The joys of reading fanfiction is that you usually chose a show/book/movie you like and people put their own spin on what would happen in that world. It’s generally something you would read anyway, so you don’t mind reading it. Bad fanfiction, written by people who have no clue or by people who unfortunately can’t write well, is always a turn off when it comes to reading. Why would I want to read a badly written story? I don’t. It’s stupid simple. And if you’re going to write fanfiction and want people to take a look at it you should probably have chapters that are longer than 1000 words. That’s roughly a page long. No one wants chapters that short. In conclusion; Long chapters with action = more readers/more chance of your story being read.

When it comes to authors themselves, I tend to try out new authors in genres I know I like then if I like one book, try out other books by the same author. It’s how I managed to get sucked into John Connolly and Mike Carey. It’s one of the reasons I bought and read The Mime Order. Odds are if I liked an author’s writing style when they were mere fanfiction writers, I’d still like it when they’re writing their own stories. So I would probably check it out, but only if it was something I would normally read. If someone wrote a Harry Potter fanfiction that I liked then went on to write a story about WW2, I probably wouldn’t read it because I don’t read those sorts of stories,

On a different note, Anime.

I finished watching Tokyo Ghoul the other day and I have to say while the gore turned me off and the torture at the end of the series really made my toes clench, it was good. I’d been wondering since I first saw the opening credits who the white hair guy was and I finally got my answer but I feel like its ending was too abrupt. I’ll probably have to watch Tokyo Ghoul √A to find out what happens next as I really hate not knowing.

As for why I haven’t reviewed anything this week; I don’t know where my kindle is. I’m pretty sure it’s down my mother’s but it may not be, in which case I really have to find it again soon.

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