The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

winter people

Holy mother of Gods, this book!  There is more to this review but honestly you could stop now and I think that would have summed it up well.

The story in this book jumps between two time periods and is told through both diary entries (Mostly for Sara) and traditional narrative. The story while it seems a little weird at first, sucks you right in. I honestly didn’t want to stop reading and when I did I was a little scared that the Sleepers would come and get me.

The characters are believable and well rounded. When Sara seems to go off the deep end into madness it is portrayed realistically and kinda scary (which I assume it would be for any one watching or interacting with someone like that). Auntie is possibly the scariest character I’ve read since Hannibal Lecter and since I’m petrified of Hannibal Lector that’s definitely saying something.

In the present day, Ruthie is a typical teenager who’s had responsibility suddenly thrust upon her with the disappearance of her mother and now she suddenly has to look after her sick little sister. Put in a crazy gun wielding woman and another practically driven crazy with grief and Ruthie is suddenly way out of her depth and handles it surprisingly well. Much better than I would have handled it at nineteen anyway.

The end of the book knits the two stories together seamlessly and while I personally found it a little confusing jumping between 1908 and the Present Day a lot (Also no chapter numbers, that sucked). once I got the characters straight in my head it was easy to recognise where I was (McMahon takes the GRRM rout of titling chapters with the POV character’s name).

All in all I think the book is pretty much summed up with my first sentence of the review. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good spooky story to read.

I would definitely recommend this book

I would definitely recommend this book

You can Find Jennifer McMahon’s website here

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