A Song Of Shadows by John Connolly


First of all, allow me to apologise in the lateness of this review. I was sick over the weekend and as a result didn’t read as much as I wanted to. Secondly, wow. Just, wow. This book exceeded all my expectations and, as I’ve come to expect from Connolly, left me craving the next book.

There was a bit of a narrative change in this book that left me a little confused but it was still enjoyable. It made more sense because Charlie wasn’t always around when the action was happening so he wasn’t a POV character. What was jarring though was the way he was always referred to as “Parker” in the narrative. I’ll admit that Parker sounds more threatening than Charlie though so I’ll allow it.

The story was, as usual, gripping and exciting. With Parker rehabilitating from his wounds sustained in the last book, you can’t really expect him to be as powerful a force as he used to be. We also caught up with Rachel and Sam in this book which was nice. Sam especially seems to look like she’s going to become a larger part of future books.

The twists in this book were the usual “Think you’ve got it figured out but you really haven’t” type that I’ve come to expect from Connolly and I think in the next few books (assuming there’ll be more than one) we’ll come back to the moire mystical side of the series that I personally enjoy.

My main gripes with the book were, as usual, that there’s not enough of Angel and Louis (I think I’ll have to reread The Reapers to get my fix) and another less common one: “There are too many characters”. I understand that most, if not all the characters were required for the story but there were simply too many new names for me to keep straight in my mind.

I would definitely recommend this book

I would definitely recommend this book

You can find John Connolly on Twitter here or on his website here

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