The Silence Series by Natasha Preston


These books are your typical “written for teenagers by teenagers” stories that most writers write at some point in their lives. You know the ones, you’re trying to give your reader hints about what’s happened but you fail so miserably at keeping it a secret and you don’t understand why everyone knows what’s happened. 

The story starts with 15 year old Oakley Farrell. Oakley stopped speaking when she was five. The story follows her over a summer where she falls in love with the boy next door, her only real friend, the only person who doesn’t think there’s something wrong with her not speaking and accepts it for what it is. in the autumn she goes back to school and starts going on fishing trips with her dad when suddenly, one day, her boyfriend hears his phone ring with her ringtone. Finally she speaks and the horrible truth comes out. It could have been a good story if it had been done well and really there was no need for two books either. One would have sufficed if the crap in the middle with the boyfriend had been glossed over a little. We  don’t really need you to tell us that they spent every day together doing nothing every chapter.

A few days after Oakley starts talking again her family move to Australia.

Broken Silence picks up four years after the events of Silence. Everyone’s happy down under except Oakley who misses Cole. And everyone’s fine in the UK except Cole who misses Oakley. Then Oakley has to return to the UK and so she meets up with Cole again. Everything goes exactly as you think it would with only the minor hiccup of Cole being arrested for statutory rape (but not charged) and Oakley fainting once in court.

Everything is wrapped up so sickeningly sweetly and everyone lives happy ever after.

I hated it. It’s ok if you need an easy read where  you aren’t required to think, at all, but if you want a decent story you’re not going to get it with this series.

This book/series was terrible

This book/series was terrible

You can find Natasha Preston on her website here

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