Commissions or When You’re Too Distracted To Read


As I write this there is a cat perched on my shoulder pretending he’s a parrot. Clearly he is not following his instincts because I am neither the highest point in the room or even the highest point in out general vicinity. Instead he is acting like a parrot and meowing at me when I say something. Almost as if he’s repeating it back to me. But my cat isn’t the point of this post, regardless of how cute he’s being at the present time.

As I sit here, typing this post, somewhere out there in the world, an artist named Kobold is working on my blog’s banner. I’ve had the rough sketch through and I love it. I’m really looking forward to getting the full image through and letting you all see it.

I’ve also been too distracted to read recently. As a result I’ve been trying out different colour schemes on my blog and even different themes altogether. I think I’ve finally settled on a theme  though the colour scheme will change when I get my banner through (I’ll have one that’ll more match it.)

The point in this post was really to update you all on my banner’s progress and to beg your indulgence when I don’t post a review tomorrow. Monday’s review may or may not go up depending on how much I read this weekend.

You can find Kobold on Tumblr here

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