Elections or A New Way To Think About Life and Other General Topics



With the general elections upon us once again in just over a week, I’ve been forced to consider Life As I Know It. Basically, this means looking back on the last four years and vowing to never vote Conservative for as long as I shall live. Unfortunately, my default party when I don’t know who to vote for disbanded a few years ago and now I’m at a loss. The Green Party are talking about reducing copyright down to 14 years which is ridiculous. Plaid Cymru seem to be the one I’m leaning towards this time around but none of their policies are ever going to be implemented because they’re never gonna be the party with most votes.

Other parties I can vote for are Labour, The Communist Party and UKIP, if any of you know about British politics you’ll understand why I’m disinclined to vote this year.

Having said that I’ll most likely go with Labour as they’re the least likely to mess things up even more. Although how I’m going to be able to listen to Ed Miliband talking for the next four years I’ll never know.


Today, thanks to an Esports personality, I read what has got to be one of the worst fanfictions I’ve ever read. I didn’t even read the whole thing, I sort of Noped the fuck out of there when one person started pulling down his trousers and we got a description of the genitalia. I’m not going to link it or mention the people involved because if you follow them on Twitter you’ll know who I’m talking about and if you don’t, well, you won’t need the brainbleach.

Other Life Updates

If you’ve read the tags in this post, you’ll know now what I’m talking about. Smoking. The thing everyone seems to have a strong opinion about. Either you’re a non smoker and you hate it and think it’s the worst thing in the world, worse even than Hitler on a bad day, or you’re a smoker and you don’t see what’s so bad about it, after all, it’s our choice to smoke or not, why should anyone else have a say in it. And honestly I see where the non smokers are coming from, I do. I was a 20-25 a day smoker for 12 years. A few weeks ago my brother bought me an E-Cig so I could quit smoking without having to give up the nicotine (at least not right away, family and non smoking friends are urging me to cut down on the amount of nicotine I have though) and even though it’s only been about 2 weeks, I can already tell my sense of smell is coming back. For example, I walked in to my house this morning and my nose wrinkled from the smell of stale smoke, which I’d never noticed before. While I’m still spending around the same amount of money on e-liquid carts as I was on cigarettes I am getting the other benefits of quitting smoking. I feel better (at least when I’m not coughing up a lung getting rid of all the chemicals that I inhaled while smoking) I can breathe easier and I don’t always stink like an ashtray although my house still does no matter how long I keep the windows open. I think I’ll have to go heavy duty on my sofa and curtains to get the smell out but it will be done, I promise.

As for reading, I have a few books on a list for me to read but I honestly haven;t had the attention span to read them for the moment. I feel like if I force myself to read a book I’ll just end up hating it and down voting it for the wrong reasons. I may however read an old series that normally serves to get me back into the reading/reviewing mindset although it won’t be for a while, I’ve promised S┬áthat I’ll watch Daredevil with him soon so I’ll have to do that too.

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