Shadowforged by Moira Katson


I recall saying that I probably wouldn’t read the rest of the books in this series and while that was true for a while, I reread the first book in the series, Shadowborn and thought to myself, “I need to know what happens.”  And so I hauled myself over to the computer and got the last two books off Amazon, moaning all the while about series that have the first book free than make you pay for the rest. While I’m not entirely sure I regret spending the money (After all, it was only about £2 for each book) I will piss and moan that I didn’t really want them in the first place and that books like that should only be 99 pence.

Anyway, enough of my inane ramblings. Shadowforged is better than the first book in a lot of ways. Catwin and Miriel become a lot more independent and The Duke’s hold over them is wavering constantly. Even Temar cannot keep control of Catwin, although not for lack of trying. After Catwin’s seemingly blatant betrayal of him at the end of the last book he’s wary of her now though. He finally sees what he has made her and I don’t think he likes it one bit. Miriel continues to meet Garad in the cellars with Catwin and Willheim watching over them and things begin to pick up there. Both Catwin and Miriel realise how much is being kept from them by the Duke.

A few years pass in this book and the girls are 16 at the end but not a lot happens during those years. Except for near the end of the book. As books need a climax, this one’s is pretty unexpected. Catwin and Miriel barely escape and as a result they are sent back to the Winter Castle. Naturally, Miriel’s mother is pleased to have Miriel back but it’s not permanent. On the way back to the capital, the girls make a decision that impacts every one, although they don’t know it yet.

Like the last book, the writing in this is not what you’d expect from a published writer but it is slightly better than the last book. The character development is a lot better and I think this book is worth reading if you read the first one already. I wouldn’t go out of my way to read it though and to be honest it’ll probably sit on my kindle doing the digital version of collecting dust for a long time.

I probably won't read this book again

I probably won’t read this book again

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