Sky City: The Rise of an Orphan by R.D Hale


I would first like to say that I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Now that’s out of the way, I honestly only read about 1/5th of this book because I just could not get into it. Just when it seemed something potentially exciting could happen, nothing happened and everything was fine. I got to the part where a priestess was claiming homosexuality was wrong and decided that I couldn’t read any more. While the writing is good and the characters are believable (I actually think I’ve met people like some of the main characters before) it just takes too long to get into. I’m the sort of person who likes to read books in three or four sittings, not pick them up and put them down all the time. In hindsight it’s probably my genre preferences that made this book a bad choice for me as I’ve never really enjoyed dystopian novels but I’m always willing to try a book, especially if I got it for free.

There were some times when I thought maybe the wrong word was used or the spelling was wrong but other than that the writing generally flowed ok. As far as my limited knowledge of dystopian novels go, the world is well built, I kinda wanted to know more about how it got that way but not enough to keep reading. Same with Dynah, I sort of wanted to know more about her but I can live without knowing.

I sort of felt that even though the characters were believable, I didn’t feel invested in them. Yes I was kind of interested in how they came to be as they are, living in a warehouse and stealing for meals and whatnot but I didn’t feel like I wanted to cheer them on at all. I laughed when Arturo broke his hand at the beginning and I was hoping he, Turbo and what’s-his-name would get caught when they went to the military base, whether that was just so we could finally have some action though and see some conflict, I’m not sure.

In short, if you like dystopian novels and don’t mind a slower start to a book, you’ll probably enjoy this one. If dystopian novels generally don’t float your boat, you probably won’t enjoy it

I probably won't read this book again

I probably won’t read this book again

You can find RD Hale on Twitter here.

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