The Summoner: Origins by Taran Matharu


I picked this book up because it was free on Amazon and having thoroughly enjoyed The Novice I thought it was worth taking a look at. I was right. It was so interesting reading about Arcturus’ past and learning more about him and how the Faversham’s infidelity was found out about and I really enjoyed getting to know Arcturus’ character and learning more about Sacharissa.

Something I wanted to read though was about how Lady Faversham had discovered the truth about Arcturus seeing as the book ends with her not knowing and we know from The Novice that she does know.

We also get to meet Elaine and Valens in this book as children and while it’s interesting to see Arcturus interact with Elaine, he doesn’t do so that much (maybe because it’s such a short book, I’m not sure.)

The bad thing about this book, beside it (and the chapters) being too short, was that Arcturus felt a lot like Fletcher. Not so much in the beginning but more when he was enrolled in Vocans, he was taught with Elaine who was the youngest of the nobles and hadn’t learned as much as the others and they were taught separately from the other nobles who knew how to do most things.

As much as I would love to give this book 4 or even 5 stars (or books, as my ratings go) I have decided to settle on 3. It’s not long enough to warrant 4 stars and as I said, Arcturus is too similar to Fletcher as well.

I probably won't read this book again

I probably won’t read this book again

You can find Taran Matharu on twitter here.

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