The Lives Of Christopher Chant by Diana Wynne Jones


When deciding how to read the Chrestomanci books, I had a bit of a problem deciding on the order in which to read them. There’s the publication order, which I almost went for, the recommended reading order, which Diana Wynne Jones suggested, and chronological order, which I flat out refused because it seemed too bizarre. After at least half hour debating it to my self, I finally settled on the recommended reading order and picked up The Lives of Christopher Chant. Christopher Chant is the Chrestomanci that we met in the first book, Charmed Life. In Charmed Life, he tells Cat that he lost a lot of his lives and only has two remaining. In this book, we see just how he lost those lives, along with how he met Millie. There’s even brief mentions of Cat and Gwendoline’s parents.

Christopher Chant takes us on many adventures through the Related Worlds, losing several of his lives in the process, and then he meets his Uncle Ralph who persuades him to do “experiments” for him. Some of these experiments lead to his deaths, but oddly, it seems death in the Related worlds has to be played out in the Real World for it to be taken from him.

We meet the teacher who teaches Christopher that silver is his weakness and watch as he discovers his magical powers (he almost brings down his teacher’s house with a levitation spell and spends a lot of the next few days having to put everything back together). Then we follow Christopher to Chrestomanci Castle where he seems to hate it as much as Cat did in Charmed Life.

Learning more about Christopher was a fun and exciting journey, watching him lose his lives in increasingly ridiculous ways was awkward, yet still fun, and watching him accept his future role as Chrestomanci was delightful, even if he did want to be a professional cricket player.

I'm glad I read this book

I’m glad I read this book

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