Conrad’s Fate by Diana Wynne Jones


I didn’t like this book as much as the others and I’m not entirely sure why. The first thing that I think it was is that is was written in First Person. Not that I don’t like FP POVs but it just doesn’t seem to fit with Wynne Jones’ style too well. It felt a little forced. Continue reading


The Lives Of Christopher Chant by Diana Wynne Jones


When deciding how to read the Chrestomanci books, I had a bit of a problem deciding on the order in which to read them. There’s the publication order, which I almost went for, the recommended reading order, which Diana Wynne Jones suggested, and chronological order, which I flat out refused because it seemed too bizarre. After at least half hour debating it to my self, I finally settled on the recommended reading order and picked up The Lives of Christopher Chant. Continue reading


Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones


You’re probably all getting really fed up of me reviewing Diana Wynne Jones’ books right now, never fear, this is the last series I’ll be reviewing of hers for a while, I’ll move on to something else after I’ve done these.

Charmed Life is the first in a series called Chrestomanci. It’s set in a world similar to our own, yet distinctly different. According to the back of the book, it’s a “Related World” and that means that where our world began looking into science and stuff around the 14th and 15th century, this world focused on Magic. Which is great because that makes it fun. Continue reading


Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones


The story of Abdullah and his rescue mission is so fun it’s unreal. I picked this book up because it was recommended by Jo, or rather, she wanted me to read it and review it. Diana Wynne Jones is quickly becoming an author I wish I had discovered in my childhood.

Continue reading


Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones


I picked this book up because I’ve always loved the movie. I thought it would be interesting to read what had been changed for the film and what they had kept in, I’m a sucker for things like that normally. I was not surprised to find that they had changed a lot of things but some of the things in there did surprise me.

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