When in Rome, do as the Romans do Or Whatever Jo writes, I’ll probably post


So right now I’ve been notified by my wonderful guest reviewer and little Sis, Jo, that she’s writing a “review” about the publishing industry and I’ve decided that I’m not going to limit her to just writing about books and stuff in her reviews. As it stands she has a book review and a game review so I think I’ll let her write about whatever she wants and just deal with it in the aftermath.


The Long Dark – A guest game review by Jo.

Hey, a little late on the review, coming in on Friday morning rather than Thursday afternoon, but here it is, a guest review by Jo.


Relax, I know this is normally a book review blog and I promise I am reading a thing.

I can hear you all now, getting all kinds of judge-y with me. “Little sis, this isn’t a place for game reviews!” And you’re right, but after clocking in almost 20 hours of game play I decided I had to write a review about it. Continue reading